Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Knife Fights Over At the Looser Forum

I suppose I shouldn't enjoy these outbursts of nuttiness as much as I do, but one of the great things about debunking the Deniers is that we're not their worst enemies; it's the other people in the movement. As others have noted, this is like that scene in The Life of Brian, where the Popular Front for the Liberation of Judea announces that the only group they hate worse than the Romans is the People's Front for Judean Liberation.

The Deniers went for a good part of 2006 on the Unity Ticket, but since the end of the summer they have been engaged in a good deal of internecine warfare. This dustup starts over a claim that Rob Balsamo, the space cadet who heads up Pilots for 9-11 Denial, never was a pilot, and anyway, he died a year ago (cue spooky music).

BTW, TSA=Transportation Safety Administration.

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At 27 March, 2007 19:14, Blogger Alex said...

What are they arguing about now? I managed to both sign up for their forums and get banned from them all within the space of a few hours today, so I unfortunately cannot view this infighting without taking the time to get around the ban.

At 27 March, 2007 19:31, Blogger texasjack said...

It's basically jackchit saying Rob Balsamo is dead, and Rob Balsamo saying he isn't dead...plus some side issues with who is the real snowygrouch, snowygrouch saying he's snowygrouch, and snowygrouch saying, no, I'm the real snowygrouch, and this snowygrouch is impersonating him and vice versa...you really can't make this stuff up.

At 27 March, 2007 20:03, Blogger Pat said...

Alex there are proxy servers that can get around IP bans; do a little googling.

TJ, yeah, that part seemed eerily familiar.

At 27 March, 2007 20:53, Blogger roger_sq said...

I know John Doe X. I partied with John Doe X. Hell, Dylan Avery sucked John Doe X's cock at several of those parties. He isn't dead. He isn't Rob either. They killed Rob, he knew Rob. Dylan sucked Rob's cock for beer money too. Before they killed him (maybe after, you would have to ask Dylan though).

You think John Doe X is going to reveal his true identity after they killed Rob?

Not a chance. Anyway JDX is top notch, real American patriot.

At 27 March, 2007 21:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

9/11 Loose Change I -III
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(plus VideoMashup "The 9/11 'Cuban Crisis'"
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March 27, 2007


At 27 March, 2007 21:21, Blogger Alex said...

Yeah, I know Pat, I was just too busy earlier. I just reset my IP and cleared the session info so now I can see it again.


you really can't make this stuff up.

you really can't....

At 28 March, 2007 14:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

http://www.bloglines.com/blog/ewing2001?id=3113 Hoffman Spook Hangout: Dylans's WTC printout smacks like distraction from "Thermite Hangout"
Was PJones "secret source" noone other than Jim "NSA/NASA" Hoffman from the "inside"?
by 911bloglines.com

Hoffman is multiply linked to NSA and to NASA via his Uncle Jack Hoffman,
who is married with the Sister of Neil Armstrong (Veridian/Moon Missions).
Armstron's company Veridian received one of many secret StarWars/Trailblazer,
linked also to U.S. ExoW program, Hoffman and Co. try to cover up.

See who posted quickly already the press release, just a few hours after Dylan's announcement:
"Victronix" aka Veronica Ashley, girlfriend of Jim Hoffman, also selfpromoting himself:


At 28 March, 2007 19:41, Blogger Avery Dylan said...

Like hey man, it might have been a BOXCUTTER!

ha ha ha ha ha !


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