Thursday, August 09, 2007

In Which I Agree and Disagree with Luke Rudkowski

I agree with him that New York City's rules requiring a permit for certain types of videotaping is probably unconstitutional, and certainly silly. Here he and Tom Foti harass Mayor Bloomberg over the law:

Note that despite all the claims from the Deniers that we are living in a fascist dictatorship, they are free to harangue Bloomberg mercilessly.

So that this doesn't become the Luke Rudkowski fan club, I'm going to bash him a bit for lying in this new video featuring a NY firefighter that Dylan is crowing about. Not sure what their point is; are we really supposed to think that Marty Hardy the fruit seller was in on the plot? But at 31:09 into the video, he says:

[Guiliani] said personally that he got a warning that the towers were going to collapse and that's when he started evacuating away from his command bunker in Building 7.

Rudkowski seems to be learning from his new employer, Alex Jones. If the truth isn't interesting enough, try hitting them with the "Truth". In fact Giuliani was not in World Trade Center 7 at that time, as this video, that the kooks cite as evidence all the time, proves: