Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Troofer Math and Statistics

We have discussed this subject before, the basic misapplication of math, logic and statistics, by 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Here is another painful example accusing the Naudet brothers of being involved in the plot:

These 69 circumstances that made the filming of the first 9/11 plane a lot easier than it might otherwise have been — if possible at all — strongly suggest that they did not occur by chance, but were in fact the result of deliberate planning, which means foreknowledge.

The point should be made that the film is often described as "accidental," but Naudet was consciously trying to capture the plane when he filmed it — he wasn't filming something else when the plane first appeared on screen. The "accident" is in why he was there at that time, and that was actually a whole series of coinciding simultaneous accidents — if they were accidents at all — the ones listed below.

Once again, the probability of an event that has already occurred happening is exactly 100%. Think about it people, there are approximately 7 million people in New York City. The odds of one of them being out videotaping what is going on in Manhattan are pretty large. Heck, the truthers are using the fact that nobody videotaped the plane at the Pentagon as proof that there was no plane. They want it either way.



At 17 April, 2007 09:45, Blogger The Masked Writer said...

So when Israelis are sent to 'document' an event, does it follow that they had some level of foreknoweldge or was it an accident that they were to document an event?

I'm sure there is a probability figure to reason out it was an 'accident' they were to document the event.

At 17 April, 2007 09:53, Blogger CHF said...

Remember that no twoofers found the Naudet footage the least bit odd until they complained about the LC boys using it without permission.

Then all of a sudden they became part of the conspiracy.

At 17 April, 2007 11:06, Blogger The Masked Writer said...

I've never held any thought on a Naudet part of the conspiracy deal. It looked to me like a lucky camera shot.

At 17 April, 2007 12:22, Blogger Alex said...

The basic problem is that they're looking at it as a case of "what are the chances that this particular individual would be here on this day, at this time". And they're right, the odds if calculated ahead of time would be astronomical. But the odds of SOMEONE filming the event would be pretty damn good. It's the difference between saying "what are the odds that I will win the lottery" and "what are the odds that SOMEONE will win the lottery".

At 18 April, 2007 13:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The point should be made that the film is often described as "accidental," but Naudet was consciously trying to capture the plane when he filmed it — he wasn't filming something else when the plane first appeared on screen.

It's also worth bearing in mind that that assertion is just flatly false. They were filming firemen replacing a man-hole cover at the time.


Swing dangler:

If Israelis were sent to 'document' the event, then it would indeed follow that they had some level of foreknoweldge. But given there's no evidence of any such thing, it's hard to see how it's a relevant factor either way.

At 19 April, 2007 08:45, Blogger The Masked Writer said...

But given there's no evidence of any such thing, it

Actually the filmers stated that during an interview on a Israeli television program. So the evidence is quite overwhelming. That or they just lied. ;)

At 19 April, 2007 14:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would love to see this evidence, and I'm sure you're more than happy to show it to me. So please, go ahead...

At 25 April, 2007 15:58, Blogger Jenny Quarx said...

Time's up.

I do not endorse the message that follows. I appologize if anyone is offended or frightened. However it is the example of the sort of thing self appointed debunkers feel is an acceptable way to attack 911activists.

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