Thursday, May 15, 2008

Where Does David Ray Griffin Get His Facts?

I haven't listened to the whole thing, but David Ray Griffin was on Michel Chossudovsky's Internet radio show on Monday, spreading his normal woo. This bit is a new though.

Our best news commentator in this country is Keith Olbermann, and our leading candidate for president now is Barack Obama, and they both say that we need to get out of Iraq so that we can concentrate on Afghanistan, which is where the terrorists are who attacked America on 9/11. And we haven't been able to get them to focus on the fact that there is also no justification for this war in Afghanistan which has now cost several million lives.

Gee, and they wonder why the left won't embrace them fully. The claim that the US invasion of Afghanistan has cost several million lives is not only wrong, but horribly wrong. Lest we forget, the country was already at war when we invaded. Things are not great there, but they are actually better than before we were there. Even the most critical studies of the current war, place the number of casualties in the low thousands, three orders of magnitude below Griffin's claim.


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