Thursday, March 28, 2013

Guilty, Until Proven Innocent

Anyone who has followed my politics will know that about the only thing I agree with Noam Chomsky on is the idiocy of 9/11 Truthers.  This recent post on 911 Flogger by Jon Gold once again demonstrates how out of touch the Truthers are, and Jon, relatively speaking, is actually one of the more rational Truthers.  Admittedly that is kind of like being the shortest giant or the most chaste woman in the bordello.  In any case,  Jon actually tries to argue that Noam should be be for the Truthers because if they succeed it will alter our traditional standards of justice, a goal I am not sure even Chomsky would be for, even if it benefited him politically.

Chomsky seems to miss an important point when dismissing 9/11 queries as a waste of energy. If 9/11 can be blown open, then absolutely everything can be challenged, because evidence will exist of the huge scope of the supporting conspiracy.
 In fact, if 9/11 truth were to be universally accepted and its implications digested, then a paradigm may emerge where the burden of proof shifts. It may become the norm that parties whose behavior suggests complicity; have to prove they were NOT implicated in various conspiracies. All of Chomsky’s pet projects would benefit from this. 

 As I have always said, scratch a Truther, find a Fascist.

Update:  I accidentally attributed this post to Jon Gold, read the wrong byline, it was actually posted by some guy at 911 Blogger named Speakingup.  My apologies to Jon for the mistake.  It has got to be embarrassing for him to be associated with the morons on there.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Bit of Debunking

By some Truthers, of a nutty conspiracy they don't agree with.  This time it's Barbara Honegger's idiotic fascination with the Pentagon clocks.

No kidding, the writer actually dropped a bunch of clocks on the ground at about 9:38 AM to see if they would move backwards due to the fall.  And yes, it happened:

Could the fall have caused the minute hand to move closer to a 9:31:30 am time for two of the clocks, as suggested by Russell Pickering? See the section “Wall Clock Experiments” for an experimental test of this suggestion for a clock virtually identical to the Heliport clock. The result of the experiment is that the minute hand can move back readily, even for a drop of 4 feet, as much as 8 minutes or more (to around the 9:30 am position), depending upon the clock’s orientation when it strikes the floor. This experimental evidence proves Honegger’s claim that the wall clocks’ provide the “ultimate evidence,” to be without foundation.
You know how it is; there's a part of me that feels they did a good job, and a part of me that realizes if we ever debunked stuff like this we'd get slammed by Truthers because "nobody gives credence to Honegger".

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tell Me They're Kidding

Box Boy Gage and his crew of idiots are convinced that this is the year:

Now we’re at a turning point, thanks to years of grassroots outreach, and with your help, are finally ready to “Tip the Planet.”
Fast forward to September:
For the entire month… a single message appears all around the world – on billboards, subways, and highway overpasses… On lawns, office windows, storefronts, bulletin boards, tee shirts, bumper stickers, and even televised sporting events… On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… In places like New York City, Washington, D.C., Woburn Massachusetts, La Mesa California, Tokyo, Madrid, Montreal, Buenos Aires, London – and countless other cities…
This is the concept behind Operation Tip the Planet, the first-ever global 9/11 Truth anniversary event. Be sure your city is included!
And so, for the next couple of weeks, they are having a contest to come up with the slogan that will galvanize people to send more money to Richard Gage.  But, and here's the best part, even if you cannot come up with a slogan, or donate, money:
Not a creative type? No worries. Help out by voting on April 1st!
Yep, the voting takes place on April Fools' Day.  How appropriate is that?  Oh, and lest you think that he's really going to have a huge war chest to spend on advertising, get this bit:

With your support, we’ve already raised close to $100,000 in matching funds, almost half of the $200,000 we need for our billboard, subway, and grassroots-to-global multi-city campaign!
Read that carefully.  They have $100,000 in matching funds, which means they only get that money if they can raise $100,000 in other funds.  Somehow I think they're going to fall a little short.  Looking at Box Boy's upcoming events, be sure to see him in Las Vegas at the prestigious Las Vegas Hookah Lounge, next Friday.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Truthers Blow Lid Off Of New World Order

A pair of prominent Truthers have finally accomplished their dream, uncovering some of those secret operatives behind the American Empire.  After years of spinning their wheels and making vague accusations against people like Dick Cheney (like that one was hard to call) they have now exposed the secret life of... Ben Affleck.

Argo, Ben Affleck's blockbuster film and this year's Academy Award-winner for Best Picture, is nothing more than a propaganda piece developed to incite hatred of Iran.
At least that's what some conspiracy theorists have posited. And as BuzzFeed first reported, they believe that Affleck, in addition to his day job in Hollywood, may also be a secret government operative.
Writing for Iranian state news agency PressTV on Wednesday, Kevin Barrett presented a dubious case to support that claim. Citing a "leading [expert] on ultra-secretive covert operations," but offering no hard evidence, Barrett ripped the film and wondered if Affleck should be "brought to justice" for his role in producing it.
"If the makers of Argo are deposed under oath, they may be forced to reveal that their film — like the fictitious film-within-the-film — is a covert operation disguised as a movie," he wrote. Barrett's expert is Barbara Honegger, a former Bush and Reagan staffer with a reputation for promoting conspiracies based on scant evidence.
In her book October Surprise, she claims that officials close to Reagan colluded with Iran to prolong the infamous hostage crisis until after the 1980 election, in a deliberate attempt to weaken incumbent Jimmy Carter. 

 I just want to know how Gigli fits into all of this. Explain Gigli!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Entertaining Coverage of Rooke Trial

Over at Dangerous Minds:

A couple of Mondays ago, on a cold, colorless morning at 9am sharp, I found myself in the singular predicament of joining the back of a queue of around fifteen 9/11 “Truthers” in a dismal magistrates’ court in Horsham, a small English town about an hour from London. These Truthers were mostly male, middle aged, and—I’m sorry to say—a little stinky.
 Hilariously, the Troofers are now claiming that it was a great triumph for their cause:
 In short, it was a huge victory for the 9/11 Truth community because a court finally had to face the facts and couldn't do it.  Rather than having a 3 hour hearing full of evidence including testimony by Prof. Niels (the idiot) Harrit the judge took the easy way out as described in the letter. 
That's funny because before the trial, the victory was supposed to be that the judge would have to listen to their "evidence".  Now the fact that he didn't listen to them is a win.