Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Coup On Capitol Hill!

This has absolutely nothing to do with Loose Change, and is only tangentially involved with 9/11, but I found this article in the "news" section on the "Scholars" for 9/11 "Truth" website, and it shows so perfectly how these people grab onto any report, no matter the source or credibility (plus, it is just pretty funny). From Pravda no less.

Russian intelligence says constitutional crisis in the USA takes deadly turn

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting that the ongoing constitutional crisis that has erupted in the United States has taken a decidedly deadly turn as counter-coup forces attempting to block access to the American capitol engaged in a brief gun battle with US Army Special Forces leaving at least 3 dead.

It continues later:

Russian Intelligence reports further state that the United States Army has activated for this event their 4th Psychological Operations Group / Task Organization and which was the US military unit that coordinated the mis/disinformation campaign during the events of September 11, 2001 to such great effect.

The causes behind this latest escalation between the coup and counter-coup forces in the United States stem from the American President's attempt to wrest total control of his country from both its elected representatives and its judiciary, and as we can read as reported by Italy's Bellaciao News Service in their article titled "Bush Asserting Powers Accrued By Hitler," and which says:

"President Bush has used 'signing statements' hundreds of times to acvitiate the meaning of statutes passed by Congress. In effect, Bush is vetoing the bills he signs into law by asserting unilateral authority as Commander In Chief to bypass or set aside the laws he signs. For example, Bush has asserted that he has the power to ignore the McCain Amendment Against Torture, to ignore the law that requires a warrant to spy on Americans, to ignore the prohibition against indefinite detention without charges or trial, and to ignore the Geneva Conventions to which the U. S. is signatory."

This shooting incident was, of course, shown to be a false alarm within an hour or two of the incident, but that doesn't keep the esteemed "scholars" from posting ridiculous news articles on it, several weeks after the event.


At 14 June, 2006 10:28, Blogger shawn said...

Ah the Russian Federation, that bastion of democracy.

At 14 June, 2006 12:42, Blogger Granddaddy Long Legs said...

But I read it! That means it has to be true!

It's obvious to me what's going on here. The CIA must have threatened the witnesses and the relatives of the of the dead soldiers.

Everyone who says they were on the hill and didn't see or hear the gunfight is a CIA shill.

You all need to wake up! [/sarcasm]

At 14 June, 2006 13:55, Blogger James B. said...

In the old Soviet Union the two main newspapers were Pravda and Izvestia. In Russian, pravda means "truth" and izvestia means "news". So the Russians came up with the clever saying, "There is no truth in the 'News' and no news in the 'Truth'".

At 14 June, 2006 15:32, Blogger Alex said...

It's funny, most older Russians I know laugh at the idea that Pravda could ever offer an article worth reading. It's only western "intelectuals", and younger Russians (ones born here) who actually beleive this nonsense.

At 15 June, 2006 06:58, Blogger JoanBasil said...

The anthrax attacks (with anthrax from Fort Detrick), right after 9/11, look like "PSYOPS." Theres been absolutely no push by the media or the opposition party to solve that mystery. These Congress people are as afraid as anyone would be of the possibility that they might be targets for murder. Would you post here or anywhere if you thought someone who opposes your view might want to do you great personal harm and might actually be able to? There were deaths from those anthrax letters.

At 15 June, 2006 08:46, Blogger James B. said...

Huh? What has that got to do with anything?

At 15 June, 2006 10:08, Blogger Granddaddy Long Legs said...


Here we go again.

You know what I find fascinating? I'm amazed that all of these wackos see how badly our government responds to so many issues and incidents, and yet they believe that we have these Jason Bournes out there controlling the universe.

I bet this clown thinks that every enemy of America is a "Psy-Op" character that we've created. I also bet he thinks he's the reasonable one.

Maybe the world outside og the USA is a Psy-Op to keep us from travelling outside of their control? What if there is no Europe, Africa or Asia! Damn the Government! Damn their Psy-Ops!

At 15 June, 2006 13:10, Blogger shawn said...

I bet this clown thinks that every enemy of America is a "Psy-Op" character that we've created.

Nesnyc certainly does.


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