Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Barrett on the O'Reilly Factor

You can watch the interview on You Tube. Nothing too exciting. Barrett repeats the 84% of Americans believe the government is lying about 9/11 myth, he also repeatedly claims that over 600,000 Americans have died in Iraq, before O'Reilly corrects him. O'Reilly takes obvious pleasure at telling Professor Barrett that he won't be teaching at the University of Wisconsin any longer.


At 20 December, 2006 05:37, Blogger troy said...

The last time I talked to Douchebag Barrett he said 10 of the hijackers were still alive and he was interviewing one of them in Morocco this Spring.

Is Barrett mentally retarded? Does this F'ing jobless douche really believe the crap that comes out his piehole?

Hijackers still alive? Jesus H. Christ.

If one of the hijackers was still alive you'd think these 9/11 asspuppets could scrape some money together (36% of 300 mils = 108 million twoofers in their bizarro World) and pay an "alive" hijacker to come to this country and do interviews to help prove their case of 9/11 being an Inside Job.

May all these America bashing, Saddam-Osama supporting treasonous traitors acquire malaria and die painful deaths. I mean it.

At 20 December, 2006 06:37, Blogger CHF said...

Hey Mr. Barrett:

I don't believe the government line about Iraq being linked to 9/11.

I don't believe America was attacked because of its freedom.

Does that mean I'm a part of that 84%?

At 20 December, 2006 18:07, Blogger Lying_Dylan said...

A lot of the toothers are spoiled rotten little bastards who would never know a hard days work if it bit them in the ass.

They have the ability to protest pretty much at will without fear of a death squad "disappearing" them and/or killing their families.

At 20 December, 2006 23:40, Blogger JPSlovjanski said...

Barrett has actually made me like Bill O'Reilly!

BTW, I'm stealing that word "asspuppet".

At 22 December, 2006 02:28, Blogger JPSlovjanski said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but 600,000 would be putting American deaths somewhere in the range of the Civil War, right?

At 22 December, 2006 08:39, Blogger Alex said...

Yeah, the US civil war was 600,000+.


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