Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bob Bowman Laments the Fall of the Soviet Union

We haven't heard much from Mr. Bowman lately, but he was on Kevin Barrett's radio show on Tuesday. Mostly the same old repeated myths, but I was rather amused to hear his mournful description of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Well of course we got out of this predicament, because Gorbachev came in and took charge of the Soviet Union, and he didn't want to go down that path, he wanted to end the arms race, and institute a form of democracy into the Soviet Union, without losing their socialist safety net. And it was a difficult transition, and unfortunately he failed, but he did succeed in ending the arms race. I was in the Kremlin discussing with them how to do it in the 1980s, but what happened subsequently of course was that Yeltsin came and wanted to be a member of the club and wanted to introduce unfettered capitalism, threw away the social safety net altogether, which he did.

Yeah, he is just another middle-of-the-road guy.


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