Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Hazards of Hot-Linking

Dylan likes to present the "evidence" on which his film is based. Go to his web page, then click on Evidence at the top, then Pentagon at the bottom. Scroll down about a third of the way, and you'll see a rather surprising picture, purportedly of CNN's Jamie McIntyre.

Gotta host the pictures on your site, Dylan, or somebody's liable to play games with you.

Hat Tip: Gravy at the JREF Forums

Update: The hazards of blogging on multiple blogs: I accidentally posted here on the Duke Lacrosse case, which I've been following over at Brainster's. My mistake!


At 30 August, 2006 07:50, Blogger rocketdoodle said...


I grabbed it for posterity, in case they correct the mistake.


At 30 August, 2006 08:02, Blogger HD_Wanderer said...

Beautiful! I love it when people get caught doing that.

At 30 August, 2006 08:12, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

When I saw that I just about lost my mouthful of cola. It was priceless. I only wish it would happen more often...

At 30 August, 2006 08:35, Blogger AbrashTX said...

They already replaced it with the Jamie McIntyre clip. What was the original photo?

At 30 August, 2006 09:24, Blogger Greg said...

I believe the original was a photo of Flukeman, from the classic X-Files episode "The Host."

My God I'm lame.

At 30 August, 2006 09:28, Blogger rocketdoodle said...

Original photo

There's a full screenshot in my previous post.

At 30 August, 2006 18:39, Blogger AbrashTX said...

I'm really, really sorry I missed that gem.


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