Friday, January 22, 2010

You Can't Parody This

Wow. Just wow.

More from Glenn. "The Stargate of cosmic consciousness"?

How stupid do you have to be to think the Onion piece supports inside jobby-job?


At 22 January, 2010 12:48, Anonymous New Yorker said...

Running commentary:

So "The Simpsons" were in on it too? Matt Groening needs to be on the scaffolding with Cheney, I guess.


Also, anyone who thinks Phillippe Petit's stunt tells us anything about the ease with which one could rig the buildings with explosives (especially after 3 guys had to hide for HOURS doing nothing on one floor just to pull the stunt off) should be in a mental hospital.


I'm actually quite proud of myself for not being able to name a single one of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids. I can name all 9 Supreme Court justices.


So, um, was there a POINT to including the interviews with the Hollywood ditzes?


On a more serious note about that Onion bit, Ayman al-Zawahiri has actually expressed his annoyance with the "truth" nonsense as peddled in the Arab world and by the government of Iran. He clearly doesn't like that al-Qaeda doesn't get the credit it deserves.


Jesus, whatever grade of ganja the makers of this were smoking, I'd sure like to try some.

At 22 January, 2010 13:02, Blogger Jaye said...

"You can't parody this?"

Like hell I can't.

At 22 January, 2010 14:00, Blogger Lazarus Long said...




At 22 January, 2010 14:32, Anonymous John said...

I usually avoid ad hominems.

But this guy is a fucking loon.

At 22 January, 2010 15:39, Anonymous Sword of Truth said...

That's not an ad hominem, John.

And ad hom is a specific logical fallacy where one calls an opponent a name and states that is the reason his argument fails.

However, to say, as an example "you are wrong about WTC7 because it took sixteen seconds to collapse not six, you poopyhead" is not an ad hom. It's a fact based argument followed by name calling. Rude and mean spirited, but not logically flawed.

In your case, you presented no argument. You just called him a "f___ing loon".

Which wouldn't have happened if the author of the youtube vid wasn't such a f___ing loon.

At 22 January, 2010 16:10, Anonymous paul w said...

Oh man, I love this shit.

In the first, we have an Alex Jones wannabe, combining a toned-down Jones with a toned-down WFC wrestler, and failing.

I also love it when he says he makes films, yet has no additional lighting so it’s hard to bloody see anything. As for camera shake...

My vote? Not as good as some truther videos, but up there.

As for the second, and the Stargate of cosmic consciousness, man, that weed HAS to be from Holland.

(BTW…the movie about the wire walker who walked between the towers is ‘Man on a Wire’. Great stuff.)

At 22 January, 2010 16:58, Anonymous old-age said...

I will never get the New-Age crowd.

At 22 January, 2010 17:34, Blogger angrysoba said...

If I were to make a parody of a Truther claim, I might say that the movie Avatar shows that Hollywood, run by Jews naturally, have staged the whole 9/11 using special effects.

Of course, someone like Mohamad Mahatir, ex-PM of Malaysia will come along and say it in all seriousness as he did here, even suggesting that the Nazis were right (!):

Evil prick!

I made my own post, but I think the more the merrier:

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At 28 January, 2010 16:27, Anonymous Arhoolie said...

R.I.P.,Whining,Running Dogs of the late,lamented Debunker Cult-2010.

At 20 February, 2010 00:52, Blogger Craig Motyka said...

glen is a friend as I OWN THE WEBSITE WEARECHANGENEWJERSEY.ORG look it up i have worked with him on several things and can say hes not a loon his mission is to expose the lie of 911 at ALL COST is mine so call him a loon call me a loon

Craig Motyka


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