Friday, February 29, 2008

Boeing Fails to Get Tanker Contract

It was announced today that the Boeing Corporation failed to get a long awaited contract to supply the US Air Force with refueling tankers, losing out to rival Airbus.

Boeing has lost the long-awaited and lucrative Air Force refueling tanker contract to a competing bid based on an Airbus airplane, Air Force officials said Friday.

The newly named KC-45A plane will be produced by a partnership between Europe's EADS and Northrop Grumman, Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne said.

The outcome is a shocking upset, kept secret until just before the formal announcement today.

The Boeing loss means that the 767 assembly line in Everett will wind to a close around 2012 when the current commercial orders run out.

Being from Seattle, this is a bit of a blow to the local economy. This is also a bit of a blow to conspiracy theorists like Jim Fetzer who have long speculated that these KC-767 tankers were used in the 9/11 plot to hit the World Trade Center in 2001... 7 years before Boeing failed to get the contract to build them for the Air Force... so they could disguise them as commercial airliners to... oh nevermind...

Is the Tide Turning?

I talked about this yesterday in light of the heckling that a 9-11 Truther got at a Bill Clinton rally, and now I have a bit more evidence. For one of the very few times that I can recall, traffic has declined year over year at 9-11 Blogger. Here's a look at their Site Meter data for the last 13 months:

If we assume that they will get another 3,000 visitors today, that will put them at 188,500, about 12,000 under their total for February 2007, or a decline of 6%. But don't forget that because 2008 is a leap year, on a daily basis the decline is more like 9% (from 7,150 to 6,500). But even that doesn't tell the whole story.

Page views is an estimation of how many different pages your visitors look at, and is a common metric used by site owners to set their advertising rates. In February of 2007, 9-11 Blogger served up 546,000 pages. In February of 2008 they appear likely (assuming another 6,600 page views the rest of today) to serve up about 417,800 pages. That's about 19,500 page views per day last year, and about 14,400 page views daily this year, an eye-popping 26% decline. So not only have fewer people been checking in at 9-11 Blogger, but they have been reading a lot fewer pages than before.

There was a drop in visitors at 9-11 Blogger year over year in October 2007 versus October 2006, but that appears to have been a function of them getting some extraordinary traffic in the year earlier. Their traffic did show improvement on a year over year basis in September, November, December and January.

And it makes eminent sense that traffic should be declining now at 9-11 Blogger, just as it is (I am sure) declining at the websites pushing impeachment of Bush and Cheney. Now that the 2008 election season is fully underway, those two are less relevant, and the focus is shifting towards the future and the new candidates for the presidency.

We are seeing even greater declines in our own traffic and page views, but that does not concern us; we make nothing off this site and look at it as a resource for those battling against the 9-11 crackpots. If fewer people need our assistance in battling the kooks, that's a cause for celebration. :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hardfire WTC7 Show

Ron Wieck interviews retired FDNY Fire Chief Arthur Scheurman and debunker Mark Roberts on WTC 7. Well worth watching.

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Clinton Backers Angered by Truthers

This was posted over at 9-11 Blogger, so I suppose the Truthers are proud of this idiot waving the "Investigate 9-11" at a (Bill) Clinton rally, but what amazes (and thrills) me is the reaction of the crowd. You can hear at least one of them saying "I hate those guys", and later they start chanting "Put the sign down!"

I get the sense that we have turned a corner on this nonsense. This may not be the end, or even the beginning of the end. It is, however, the end of the beginning. (Shamelessly lifted from Winston Churchill).

BBC Reviews 9/11 Conspiracy Program

Based on complaints from truthers, the BBC conducted a review of the fairness of their 9/11 conspiracy television program. The committee found no problems with the episode:

In conclusion, the Committee did not uphold any of the complaints raised against the programme regarding issues of accuracy or impartiality. The Committee noted that the programme had presented some of the most well known theories in a fair and accurate manner, ensuring that the arguments had been articulated clearly. The choice of contributors was credible and appropriate including that of Mr Spotnitz, who provided a relevant contribution to the understanding of the nature and phenomenon of the conspiracy theory - the purpose of the programme. The Committee found that there was no evidence that the editorial independence of the BBC had been compromised.

Ironically, over on 911 Blogger they are complaining because some of their research was limited to calling the office of people involved and asking them if the story was true. The truthers felt this was not going far enough. Hello, that is more research than what the truthers do 99% of the time.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Guy Has an Ego Bigger Than Texas

Steve Jones, posting over on 911 Blogger:

I think there is an opportunity here -- Congress charged NIST to determine "why and how" the Towers AND WTC 7 collapsed. If NIST and Congress will just do their jobs -- and we stand ready to help! (See, e.g., .) At the same time, we're not holding our breaths -- our independent investigation of the causes of the WTC destructions is proceeding quite well (thank you!).

Wow, you are ready to help. I am sure all of those Ivy League trained engineers are so desperate for the help of a bunch of people so pathetic that they had to start their own on-line website so they could claim they had their papers "published".

He continues:

There is more, of course. (For example, I made brief mention of "Speculating Hecklers" and while I was thinking of certain posters at JREF in particular when I did that slide, I did not mention any names... just a warning about such types.)

Who exactly needed "warning" and why? The conversations on JREF far surpass the intellectual level shown at your "journal" and there are probably more actual scientists involved.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Challenge to Truthers: Stump Mark Roberts!

Our buddy Gravy from the JREF forums will appear again on Ron Wieck's Hardfire program, along with Arthur Scheuerman to discuss World Trade Center 7. The show will be live at 9:00 PM Eastern time tomorrow night, February 26. Having been unable to find a 9-11 "Truther" willing to debate these gentlemen, Ron will throw open the phone lines, and 9-11 conspiracy theorists are specifically encouraged to call in with their questions and challenges.

The main number is 718-935-9598. If it's busy, call 917-763-9896.

You can watch the show live tomorrow night here.

Put up or shut up, Truthers!

Update: Kick to top for the rest of Tuesday.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, Canada!

Our maple-leaf loving brethren to the North are talking about a march on Ottawa, eh:

On 9/11/08, Canadians from all over the country will march to Ottawa to deliver a petition to our Parliament demanding a new Canadian investigation into 9/11.

They have, inevitably, perhaps, a video:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

You Would Think that An Architect Would be Better at Numbers...

It took me 3 days, but I finally got through the entire Richard Gage lecture. There are too many inanities to point out, but this comment in his closing remarks had me laughing.

Also, I want you to hear, after I am through here in about 5 seconds, from the Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and they're in every campus. Many, many, many campuses.

Every campus? It was just two weeks ago when Pat pointed us to this newspaper article pointing to the number of members they had.

Martell is quick to stress that the student organization, with 80 members from schools in Canada to Japan, is more focused on the investigation into 9/11 than the possibility of controlled demolition.

Given that are well over 2,000 universities, just in the United States alone, and that is just the 4 year schools, and with enrollment totalling over 17 million post-secondary students, they are certainly spreading themselves thin.

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9/11 Truth as Religion

For those of you who still don't believe the 9/11 "truth" movement is religious, not scientific, in nature, just read this comment over on 9/11 Blogger regarding an appearance by theologian, David Ray Griffin (emphasis mine):

Last Thursday night at DRG's lecture, I met a lady afterwards who was sitting in front of me during the lecture, she is new to 911 truth. Her journey to waking up recently is moving and a process that we have all gone thru. Today, I came across the podcast of her epiphany after attending DRG's lecture last Thursday evening, I will not post her site until I get permission, however, just her words are moving and encouragement to all of us that people are waking up :

Wednesday night, I did. Two hours with tears in my eyes -- AND some new information I had not known before (particularly disturbing: the WTC7 building, what it housed, when it was evacuated, when it imploded and by whom).

Wednesday was a heavy night for me. I felt such a rock of sadness in my gut. . . . I wondered about my ongoing depression, a feeling of terminal sadness and anger that is nearly always present and often crippling: there are a lot of things to point to for cause, I know, but I wondered, how much of it has grown since 9/11?
I went to hear One Great Voice in the Crowd Thursday night here in Tucson, by the name of David Ray Griffin.

Need I say more?


Yet Another Nutty Video

This one features two sons of God (Icke and Shayler) and two Jones (Alex and Steven).

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Richard Gage in New Hampshire

As I have long maintained, the main motivator for the increasingly inaccurately named 9/11 truth movement is ego. No person is any more indicative of that than Richard Gage, who one moment is nothing more than a nerdy, balding, middle aged designer of IHOPs, and the next minute he is a globe-hopping fighter for truth and justice being stared at dreamily by doe-eyed college students (and that is just Justin Martell).

In this ridiculously long 2 1/2 hour video is off in New Hampshire giving a speech. Appropriately the video begins with him meeting the owner of the local "hemporium" once again proving my "Willie Nelson Hypothesis" correct. He then starts sharing the abbreviated version of his PowerPoint with the owner of a local newspaper. In watching this I was amused to notice that we has citing the American Free Press. I doubt he bothered to explain to this newspaper who exactly the AFP was.

I haven't watched the whole thing yet though. I am feeling a bit under the weather, and don't wish to make myself even more nauseous.


Friday, February 22, 2008

How Lame Can David Ray Griffin Get?

Here are a couple videos from his latest presentations.

As you can see, he's headed further down Lame Avenue even as we speak. He tries to clear Marinus van der Lubbe of responsibility for the Reichstag fire, ignores the most current findings on the USS Maine, brings up Marvin Bush's involvement with Securacom yet again (without noting that he left the company 15 months prior to 9-11), and expresses the usual disbelief about the possibility of Satam al-Suqami's passport surviving the crash of Flight 11 into the North Tower.

What a maroon!

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Troofer Incentives

As Jason "The firefighters were paid off" Bermas can testify to, the troofers have a strange idea of what people will do for money. Now apparently, they have decided that the only thing keeping people from coming forward to share their insider knowledge of mass murder is the fact that they might lose their jobs.

I'm hereby throwing some suggestions out:

(1) What about offering a reward for insiders to come clean? There must by now be many people in the FBI, CIA, NSA, NIST, U.S. Armed Forces, etc., who question the "official story". Whether it be the "anthrax" farce, the anomalous collapse of the towers, the Olson phone call that apparently never really happened, or even the still unknown person that Norm Mineta recalls as having taken stand-down orders from Cheney, some of the people involved in this madness must have access to damning, indisputable evidence against the conspirators. On the chance that some of these people would be inclined to come forward, but are holding back mainly for fear of losing their career, who knows, maybe a reward may make it happen.

(2) What about offering a reward for evidence that Barbara Olson (or any other victim supposedly killed that day) is still alive? If Barbara Olson is still alive, maybe her maid would like to collect a million dollars to tell us about it?

Yeah, people have no qualms about participating in the cover-up of the murder of thousands, because they are afraid that they might have to update their resume on I think this says more about the average troofers job prospects than it does about the average person's motivations.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kucinich to Investigate Insider Trading Allegations

To which I say, fine.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich revealed that he is initiating an investigation into the insider trading that took place leading up to 9/11, particularly in regards to put options placed on American Airlines and United Airlines stock.

Kucinich said that he had personal questions about the implications insider trading had.

The insider-trading allegations were certainly highlighted in the first few weeks after the attacks, and the 9-11 Commission, while concluding the trades were not made with advance knowledge of the attacks, did not provide sufficient detail to quiet the kooks. I have no doubt that the Troofers will incorporate the people who made the trades into their conspiracy theories; that is unfortunate but inevitable in our open society.

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The World's Lamest Conspiracy?

As we (and others) have often pointed out, troofers are like Holocaust deniers in that they ignore the big picture, while attempting to focus on what they perceive as anomalies in particular bits of evidence. For example, ignoring the thousands of witnesses and documents, while insisting that the fact that they cannot find enough cyanide on a brick, proves there was no Holocaust.

One of my favorite truther examples of this is the idiots at Pilots for 9/11 Truth who insist that flight 77 could not have hit the Pentagon, because the flight data recorder, which was recovered from flight 77 in the wreckage of the Pentagon, says it did not. Ignoring the hundreds of witnesses to the crash, and the fact that the very black box they are pointing to as evidence... was pulled out of the wreckage of the plane... in the Pentagon...

Another example is David Ray Griffin's latest spin on the airphone thing, after being smacked down hard several times on this blog for lying about the removal of the phones from American Airlines planes, he is now insisting that FBI evidence shows that Barbara Olson never made a phone call to her husband former Solicitor General Ted Olson.

Griffin is correct in saying that the flash presentation from the Zacarias Moussaouii trial shows that Olson made a phone call for zero seconds. This is nothing new, I saw this over a year ago when I first reported on this.

What does this mean, however? There are only a few options.

A. None of the phone calls ever took place. The FBI, under penalty of perjury, on a massive scale (over 7,000 agents where involved in the investigation at one point) made up the record of the dozens of phone calls for the trial, but then decided for some bizarre reason to incriminate themselves by saying that Barbara Olson's call was not connected, despite the fact that this phone call was widely publicized for years before the trial.

B. All of the phone calls but Barbara Olson's took place, and Ted Olson, for some strange reason decided to lie about it. That would be weird, but dozens of phone calls reporting hijackings hardly supports Griffin's case.

C. All of the phone calls, including Barbara Olson's took place, but for some reason (typo, computer error) it was reported as disconnected. There is also the strong possibility that since it was a a collect call, it may not have been recorded on a per minute basis like the other calls.

So which is it Dave?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Can't Truthers Ever Tell the Truth?

I was reading this post on 911 Blogger, by one of their prominent posters, Reprehensor, and was struck by this passage:

(This first segment is also interesting because an NBC news report from 1986 clearly explains how the Reagan adminstration had decided to supply the Mujahidin with Stingers and according to "one administration source, the CIA would be responsible for training the guerillas in their use". Oops! The official line these days is that the CIA never directly trained the Afghan Arabs.)

Yes, he is correct, the CIA never directly trained the Afghan Arabs. Just one problem for our troofer though, the news clip that he linked did not say that they did. This is the relevent part, about 3 minutes in.

In neighboring Afghanistan mujahadin guerillas took to the mountains to defend themselves against the 1979 Soviet invasion.

"Anti-communist guerrilas have been in the front line against the spread of communism in the third world. And now they will be better armed. The Reagan Administration has decided to give the rebels Stinger missiles. The Stinger is a US made anti-aircraft missile, portable, shoulder fired, and capable of hitting a helicopter or jet from a distance of 5 miles. It would provide the rebels with a viable defense against Soviet helicopter gunships and MiG fighter jets. One administration source indicated the CIA would be responsible for training the guerillas in their use."

So in reality, as opposed to troofer fantasy land, the piece not only does not refer to the Afghan Arabs, but specifically refers to Afghan "rebels" and "guerillas". The Arabs, who by their rather distinct nature of, well, not being from Afghanistan, would not have been present in 1979 and had to take to the mountains, and would not be characterized as "rebels" in someone else's country.

Can't these guys be honest about anything?

Salon Publishes Blog Kookery

Salon has published some excellent debunking articles which we have been pleased to link over here. Yesterday, however, they published some 9-11 Nuttery for which we must slap them down a bit.

Every six months I return to the 9/11 scene, not to fan the flames but, instead, to review apparent truths ~ particularly in light of the growing awareness of the ongoing deceptions and lies of the Cheney/Bush Administration.

Apparent truths? First out of the chute:

On the day of the hijackings the US Government is running drills with its Air Force where it is simulating "Multiple Hijackings of Aircraft" within the United States of America. This drill causes great confusion amongst Air Traffic Controllers as it provides a "Cover" for the real Hijackings. Without these drills it is very possible that the Aircraft that were hijacked could have been intercepted far earlier. Certainly one has to consider this some sort of "Miracle".

One has to, that is, unless one actually considers what really happened.

BOSTON CENTER: Hi. Boston Center T.M.U. [Traffic Management Unit], we have a problem here. We have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New York, and we need you guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up there, help us out.
POWELL: Is this real-world or exercise?
BOSTON CENTER: No, this is not an exercise, not a test.

So much for "great confusion".

No steel-framed buildings in the history of construction had ever suffered total structural collapse due to fires, yet on this single day, within hours of one another, THREE buildings collapse after fires burn through them. This even after Firefighters claim to have had the fires under control.

Sigh. I'll be hearing this one on my deathbed, and I'll have the same response then as I do now. Kader Toy Factory. Enigma Business Park. Google. The claim that the firefighters had the fires under control is the usual misreading of Orio Palmer's transmission that fires on 78th floor of the South Tower could be knocked down with two lines. What Palmer was not aware of at the time (or at least did not radio) was that much bigger fires were on the floors above him. Here's a look at the fires "under control" in the North Tower (which no fireman reached to my knowledge):

As for the rest, it's the usual fruitcake mix of lies, nonsense and irrelevancies. We get the dancing Israelis, "pull it", Silverstein's supposed gain on the insurance, Bush didn't leave Booker Elementary, etc.

Boo to Salon for allowing this on their site.

Update: I see James already caught this post; I have deleted the part where we overlapped on the security issue.

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More Troofer Telephone Games

It is always amusing to see the number of new ways troofers can come up with to present "evidence". Like that game we played in grade school, "telephone" each time it is passed on it takes a new form. Today's example is in reference to Marvin Bush on the board of directors of Stratesec. Stratesec, then known as Securacom, and now defunct, had a contract to install electronic security systems in the World Trade Center up until 1998. Usually the troofers twist this to be at the time of the attacks and add that Wirt Walker III is a Bush cousin, despite the fact that there is no evidence he was. Often, they also make Stratesec in charge of World Trade Center and Marvin Bush personally responsible. This is the first time I have heard this particular claim though:

Immediately following the acquisition of the WTC complex, the new owner makes it a priority to change Security companies. The CEO and a director of the new security company are none other than George W. Bush’s brother, Marvin Bush, and cousin, Wirt Walker III.

Now apparently, they were not involved in security until right before 9/11. Amazing.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shell Game Battles

I've kind of been enjoying the way the "Truthers" have been pushing Steve Alten's new book, The Shell Game. At least, enjoying it more than I have actually reading it, which is quite a struggle. Kevin Barrett has been pushing it as a way to reach more people, even though he admits that (for him) it's Islamophobic and cringe-worthy in parts.

He had Wendy Campbell, a nutty anti-Israel kook on one of his many radio shows after her post about how the book is "Just Another Zionist Scam to Stop 9/11 Investigation of Israel". You can get a flavor for the piece from this bit of rambling:

I became suspicious that this book was just another misleading Arab-bashing, Israel-pleasing work which only points fingers at the Zionist-approved list of “usual subjects” including the puppet king Bush. Many of us have come to the realization that Israel has played a major role in 9-11 (PNAC, dancing Israeli spies, Odigo, Wolfowitz Doctrine, The Clean Break, Netanyahu and Silverstein phone buddies, Israeli security in charge of US airports, Marvin Bush in charge of security of WTC at time of attacks, implosions, explosions, Silverstein said on video “they decided to pull it” with regards to WTC building 7 which was not even hit by a jet, and it takes weeks to set up an implosion, the resulting “war on terror” based on false info provided by Israel’s Mossad, and so on and so forth....

This is how she talks as well. She seems to have memorized the phrase "apartheid, racist, Jewish-supremacist Israel," because she can never just say "Israel". It's all about the Zionist warmongers at PNAC, and Larry Silverstein, etc. At points Kevin almost seems like the reasonable person on the show, but then he manages to reassert himself as a kook of the first water by trying to convince Wendy that "Hey, he mentions neocons, and what are neocons?"

At one point, Sofia from 9-11 Mysteries gets on the line, and while she agrees with much of the criticism of the book, she approaches it from the standpoint of how does it work as fiction. She talks about how the book is far too layered to succeed as fiction, with excerpts from some future book interspersed with the "real" fiction. She also notes that the book contains far too much speechifying.

And here I have to agree. I have read about five chapters of the book, and don't intend to read any further. The book opens with a hearing before Congress with the lead character delivering a lecture to the senators on Peak Oil. It's dull and tedious and you can almost sense the parts where the spectators are supposed to cheer for the heroism of the guy speaking Troof to power.

You can download the interview here; it's the 2-12-08 show, second hour. Wendy has an incredibly irritating voice, aside from the disgusting things she says.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Man Certainly Not Blessed With Self Awareness

For those of you who missed the last scintillating episode, Alfons videtapes himself riding around on his bicycle spreading the troof again. I am just dying to know whether he hooks up with the hot chick at the bank. Watch at your own risk.


Jon Gold and Betsy Metz on Dom Giordano

Kudos to Dom Giordano for giving them some airtime (MP3 file) while shredding their arguments quite well. We hear that Betsy and Jon are spending about $450 per night for rental of the theatre, and that they've been spending money on advertising as well.

And you may be a bit surprised with my reaction. I give them kudos for it. We criticize the folks who make money off this stuff, but I appreciate that for most of them it's very much a losing proposition. They are the true believers. They're wrong, wildly wrong, but at least this isn't some kind of gravy train for them.

Betsy brings up Bruce Lawrence of Duke University as the expert on Bin Laden, and says he pronounced the confession video as faked. Of course, Lawrence is the classic nutty professor from some famous university:

Bruce Lawrence, professor of religion, edited and wrote the forward to the book Messages to the World—The Statements of Osama bin Laden. The text, which goes into print today and will arrive in bookstores in the fall, is the first to include the translations of the Arabic writings of bin Laden.

The book features a collection of 22 speeches and interviews given by the leader of the terrorist organization al Qaeda between 1994 and 2004....

“If you read him in his own words, he sounds like somebody who would be a very high-minded and welcome voice in global politics,” Lawrence said.

Where did we get all these screwball professors of religion?

The rest of the interview is the usual "Oh, no, we don't have any theories about how the government did it, but there is this PNAC document online that says..." crap, and the familiar "70% of the questions from the family members were ignored". As I pointed out, 9-11 Press for Troof, given the chance to express these questions, led with "Why did the Secret Service let Bush stay at Booker Elementary?"

Man Accused of Training Hijackers Exonerated

One of our Troofer commenters asked us to cover this story:

Six years of fighting for justice left Lotfi Raissi an emotional and physical wreck and his marriage close to ruin. But yesterday, the Algerian pilot falsely accused of training the September 11 terrorists heard, finally, that he was “completely exonerated” of any part in the attacks on the twin towers.

The case does seem to have been badly bungled:

One by one, over the course of ten court hearings, Mr Raissi’s solicitor proved that the allegations and the evidence to support them were false, if not fabricated.

The accurate flight log was produced and the flying instructor who testified that Mr Raissi and Hanjour had indeed hired the same plane, but at different times. The man in the video was shown to be Mr Raissi’s cousin. It took time, but the address book was clearly shown not to have belonged to Abu Doha.

Of course, it is hard for me to see how this proves anything that the 9-11 Crackpots claim, other than in that intellectually lazy, "if they'd lie about Raissi, why couldn't they be lying about Osama," fashion that we've heard many times before.

Couple Quick Bits

A blogger gets a nice email from a Troofer:

it’s people like you that should be shot in the face. I served in the millitary [sic] and I can tell you that people like you are the real terrorists. I suggest you look into these books or videos for credible information, if you actually are interested in seeing what the fuss is all about with 9/11, since you seem to voice your opinion on it from an outsider’s standing. I’m a journalist who’s been following this for 6 years, I am only interested in information that can be cited by credible sources.

Of course, you can imagine what he considers to be "credible sources".

Another guy discovers Trooferism has infested a local ice cream parlor:

This vanilla today had some auwe in it. As I get to the head of the line I note that prominently displayed on the counter is a bunch of Truther literature. You know the kind: pictures of the WTC7 collapse, links to loathsome websites, the works.

“You don’t believe all this stuff, do you?”, says I, not realizing the storm to come.

“It’s all in there”, says the aging boomer running the place, pointing to a copy of the 9/11 Commission report in a Ziploc bag beneath the Troofer stuff.

“But you believe that the U.S. did it to ourselves? Then you’re a fool.”

Update: Several people sent me links to this video with a British journalist named Nick Cohen, who compared the Troofers to Holocaust Deniers (accurately, of course). Note the usual "we're just asking questions" defense when he calls them on their nonsense:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Obama the Candidate of the New World Order?

Kevin Barrett claims that Webster Tarpley has convinced him:

Webster Tarpley has made a good case that Obama is a dangerous NWO front-man, and that Hilary, for all her faults, would be a small step toward reorienting the political system in favor of ordinary working people, who are being bled dry by the NWO globalists.

I always hate to admit it when Webster's right--he's so darn smart it gets annoying--but the more the glazed-eyed pseudo-educated sheeple swoon over Obama, the more I want our first black president to be Cynthia McKinney.

It's certainly amusing to hear somebody saying that Obama is more NWO-ish than Hillary. Of course, I assume that Barrett is a Hillary supporter, and not that Obama spends his idle hours at the Bohemian Grove. As evidence, Hang 'Em All points to this discussion of Truthers getting thrown out of an Obama event.

A reminder, in case one was needed, that the differences between Republicans and Democrats are nothing compared to the differences between Troofers and sane people.

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An Easy One

Pravda claims that Al Qaeda does not exist:

The basic truth is that Al Qaeda does not exist and never has. Al Qaeda is a manufactured enemy who was created by the Bush Administration in order to have an excuse to wage a war for the control of the world’s oil resources.

Did an American even hear the words “Al Qaeda” before 9-11?

Why, yes, as a matter of fact, we did.

USIS Washington File

06 November 1998


(Bin Laden linked to attacks on US facilities overseas) (2260)

New York -- A U.S. Federal Grand Jury in New York on Nov. 5 issued an
indictment against Usama Bin Laden alleging that he and others engaged
in a long-term conspiracy to attack U.S. facilities overseas and to
kill American citizens.

The indictment noted that Al Qaeda, Bin Laden's international
terrorist group, forged alliances with the National Islamic Front in
Sudan and with the government of Iran and with its associated group
Hezballah to "work together against their perceived common enemies in
the West, particularly the United States."

A search of the New York Times' website uncovered 31 mentions of Al Qaeda prior to February 2000, when President Bush was still Candidate Bush.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Buy My Book, Or We're All Gonna Die!

I got this as part of a ridiculously long e-mail from a troofer e-mail group I subscribe to. The Shell Game, apparently did top out on the NY Times list at 31, but is falling, so the author has turned up the heat trying to get truthers to keep his writing career afloat.

Guys, in the last 11 years I have published eight books, hit every best seller list, optioned a book as a movie (twice), sold two scripts, and have two more books set for publication in 2009. To be honest, I knew little about the 9/11 Truth Movement until sometime around October/November when The SHELL GAME went to print. I quickly realized that this loosely-connected group of people, often vilified by the media, were in fact ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. They were the Davids facing off against the Goliaths. THEY were America’s true Patriots.

And suddenly The SHELL GAME took on a new meaning for me. Because I knew it could break through a barrier that has held your movement back. Because the book is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I also knew from insider sources that the fiction could become true.

Bush's statement scares the shit out of me. In publishing, success is measured by the N.Y. Times best seller's list. Hit the top 15 and your book receives special buy-ins,
special placement on shelves...special media attention. It's like launching a rocket...spots 1-15 push you into orbit. The list is the masses. It’s their shopping list. It gets published in EVERY TOP 100 newspaper every week! Last week, because of the 9/11 movement and my fan base, The SHELL GAME hit # 31 on the N.Y. Times list. This week we hit #33. It feels like the air is slowly hissing out of the balloon.

DON'T LET IT! Back when I was earning my doctorate degree at Temple University, I remember a framed saying on the wall of my advisor’s office. I must have read it a thousand times. It said, “On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless thousands who…upon reaching the dawn of victory chose to rest …and there resting were slaughtered.”

Please do not rest. There is a huge opportunity coming as early as March 1st.

To use an analogy, the TRUTH behind 9/11 is being dammed up by the powers that be. George W. Bush Dam. Your efforts to date have been heroic and incredible, but you only caused surface cracks in the dam, nothing deep enough to reach the water on the other side and crack open the floodgates. You want to know how to crack open a dam? You keep hitting it and hitting it and hitting it as you certainly have ben doing...but The SHELL GAME is a sledgehammer.

I’ve been on TODAY show and was interviewed by Matt Lauer. I’ve been on Kathleen Crier. In fact, I’ve been on over 70 morning shows and 300 radio shows, major newspapers and magazines. Get me to spot 10-15 and I will give that dam a body blow it never felt before. On March 1st, I begin the first of a four week book tour, this one in the DC/Virginia corridor. March 14-15 I am in West FL. March 18-23 in Philly and NYC. March 31 – April 7 Chicago and the Midwest. April 21 – 30 in California and Oregon. Each day I will have 2-3 local radio shows, a morning TV news show, and a signing at night. Many of these venues are booked at the last moment...based on (you guessed it ) that darn NY Times list.

Essentially we have 2 weeks to boost this rocket into orbit in order to secure BIG venues like THE DAILY SHOW, ANDERSON COOPER, and DAVE LETTERMAN. It's a small window, but the difference between # 33 and # 15 is about 12,000 sales
in a week.

Of course I once again have to point out that Alten's PhD... is in physical education.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Valerie Plame: No Connection Between Al Qaeda and 9-11

Of course, what she means to say is no connection between Iraq and 9-11, but she has a "blonde" moment.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valerie Plame Endorses Sibel Edmonds

In one of those rare moments when two people collide who have little credibility for me but might have some for other people.

Former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson says the recent disclosures in the UK's Sunday Times concerning the sale of U.S. nuclear secrets to the foreign black market, as aided by high-ranking government officials, are "stunning"...

Read it and decide for yourself, but remember that Plame's husband was caught in serial lies by the Senate Intelligence Committee and Sibel clearly made two glaring misstatements of fact in her letter to the 9-11 Commission.

Right now I'm playing a little poker; I'm ready to check-raise anybody foolish enough to doubt the above.

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Sander Hicks "Attacked"

I find it amusing how truthers imagine themselves as some sort of brave warriors against an oppressive omnipotent government, sort of a real world Neo from the Matrix, yet they cry like an oversensitive schoolgirl anytime anyone says anything remotely critical of them. Prominent truther and author Sander Hicks posts this breathless account of his recent appearance at Stanford University, in which he describes being "attacked by the National Review Online" at Stanford.

Attacked at Stanford!
I was attacked by National Review online, just as I was speaking at Stanford Law School, about “Civil Rights in the Post-9/11 World.”

I spoke from the heart about my experiences publishing and writing on topics taboo to the American media establishment. I spoke about the police assault against me when I asked now-failed candidate Rudy Giuliani about the 9/11 anomalies. I talked about 9/11, and the FBI linked death of Dr. David Graham.

This is an interesting development. The NR critique is defamatory, and calls my argument “deranged.” But that’s a cheap shot, and it lacks gravitas. Critics of better
moral character would take on my facts, not attack me personally.

Geez, from reading that you would think that they hurled insults about his mother at him while beating him with trunchions, but in fact it was a fairly mild announcement of his speech on their educational blog.

The Civil Rights Civil Liberties Society has invited Sander Hicks to speak at the law school today, billing him as "a multimedia political activist committed to the preservation of civil liberties and civil rights for all Americans."

In fact, Mr. Hicks is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist committed to the proposition that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated by the United States government, which is now murdering its citizens to cover up the truth. In his own words:

"The 9/11 commission was a coverup. . . . 9/11 was the product of a conspiracy — specifically a conspiracy between the CIA, Pakistani intelligence, and the so-called al-Qaeda organization, which is really most likely just a product of Pakistani intelligence and CIA intelligence."

They don't seem to understand the concept of free speech. You have the right to speak freely, despite your idiotic claims of a police state, and others have the right to criticize you when you say something stupid. That is free speech.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Tackling the Final Cut: Prologue

I'm going to try to do a full-on debunking of the Loose Change Final Cut. It's going to take awhile, so we'll have to do an organizational post later tying it all together.

Prologue. The film opens with footage of the blackshirts at Ground Zero on 9-11-06. Much of this part is simply Dylan setting the stage for the parts that follow, but there are a couple (admittedly minor) points of interest in this section.

Dylan says "Why was a growing percentage of the world population becoming increasingly skeptical of the events of September the 11th? Was it a natural inclination towards believing the worst about the United States government? Or was it a legitimate concern that only grew more powerful with time?"

Note the false dilemma; either 9-11 Troofery is "natural" or it's "legitimate". No hint that there's a third option; that it's a bunch of conspiracy theory nuttery.

Dylan notes that the 9-11 "Truth" Movement includes "academics" and shows us a video of Kevin Ryan. This is an odd choice, to say the least, of an academic; as far as I know Kevin has a bachelor's degree and is not involved in academia in any capacity whatsoever. Dylan does seem to be introducing some of his featured interviewees here and perhaps he didn't want to say that the movement includes a former manager of a water testing facility? But the fact remains that Kevin's an academic like I'm an academic; we both went to college many years ago.

A little later, the screen reads "Five Years Earlier", leading us to believe that he's going to transition into the events of 9-11. But instead he starts off with a British interview of Dan Rather that took place in May 2002.

Then we get into a few clips of several news reporters speculating (almost certainly on the day of 9-11) that it was an "inside job". As usual with the Troofers we are given no context for these remarks. Suppose a reporter had claimed that a bomb had gone off in the WTC; there were such reports that day. Was the news reporter trying to make sense of that report by talking about "inside job" theories?

We get a clip of Tom Kean saying "People ought to stay out of our business." Again, no context is given, so we can't tell what was being discussed. I was able to locate a discussion of the quote here:

"People ought to stay out of our business": That's what the 9/11 Commission chair Thomas Kean seems to be saying in response to calls for Jamie Gorelick to resign. (I say "seems" because there's always the possibility that he was quoted out of context.) From the Washington Post:

Gorelick told CNN yesterday that she will not resign. "The wall was a creature of statute. It's existed since the mid-1980s," she said.

Several of Gorelick's colleagues on the commission rushed to her defense, characterizing her as qualified and nonpartisan, and complaining privately that she was ambushed by Ashcroft.

"We don't want to get in a fight with the attorney general, and I hope he doesn't want to get in a fight with us," said commission Chairman Thomas H. Kean, the former Republican governor of New Jersey. But "people ought to stay out of our business." . . .

So the issue here was whether Gorelick would resign. I don't want to burden you with too many side issues but the claim was that Gorelick was responsible for "the wall", which prevented the CIA from informing the FBI about information it gathered overseas and vice-versa.

President Bush states "A country that hides something is a country that is afraid of getting caught."

Of course, that is not about 9-11, but about Iraq.

FBI Agent Robert Wright is shown a little later at a news conference, saying, "FBI management intentionally and repeatedly thwarted and obstructed my attempts to launch a more comprehensive investigation to identify and to neutralize terrorists. To the families and victims, of September 11th, on behalf of John Vincent, Barry Carmody, myself, we’re sorry."

Except that you read about that press conference and it was not about Al Qaeda, it was about his investigations of money-laundering for Hamas and Hezbollah.

Chicago-based FBI Special Agent Robert Wright, who worked in counterterrorism from 1993-1999, said the recent trajectory of his FBI career has taken a downward spiral since he complained about two incidents that inhibited his ability to continue terror funding and money laundering probes of members of Islamic terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

Wright, who is filing a complaint through his counsel Judicial Watch, said in documents that the FBI would not provide him decent computer equipment, a problem that has been acknowledged by the FBI as being a bureau-wide problem.

He also said that he was prevented from pursuing an investigation after an unnamed Muslim special agent refused to wear a wire during a probe because, as the Muslim agent allegedly said, "Muslims don't record other Muslims."


KSM, 5 Others Face Death Penalty

It appears the prosecution is going for the full court press:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Six men being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could face the death penalty for their alleged involvement in the September 11, 2001, attacks, a general said Monday.

The men will be treated like members of the U.S. military during their judicial proceedings, he said.

The proceedings will be dictated by the Military Commissions Act, which Congress passed to handle arrestees in the war on terror. The act requires that the detainees have access to lawyers as well as to any evidence presented against them.

They also will have the right to appeal a guilty verdict, potentially through a civilian appeals court and perhaps the U.S. Supreme Court, according to the act. The government plans to make the proceedings as public as possible, said Brig Gen. Thomas Hartmann.

So are Dylan Avery, John Gold, Steve Alten et al going to put their money where their mouth is and contribute towards the defense, or are they going to let these men, that they believe are innocent, go to their deaths without doing a thing? Are Kevin Barrett, Richard Gage and Steven Jones going to appear as "expert witnesses"? Hey, I am just asking questions here.

"The great virtue of a fake conspiracy is that it calls on you to do nothing."
-George Monbiot-

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Richard Gage is a Big Fat Idiot

Richard Gage continously shows how he isn't qualified to design a Dairy Queen. Here is in a radio appearance with Steven Jones:

In the case of the twin towers, what you have is the 20 stories in the north tower falling, not down from the point of impact but collapsing in on itself. That is to say, the explosions are going from the point of impact up. And that mass is reduced in the first second or two to half its mass, and two seconds later it’s completely destroyed. After that, after four seconds all you have is the building tearing itself apart at free falls speed. There is no pile driver, whatsoever. The building is creating this incredible mushroom cloud, an extremely explosive event where all of the columns and beams are hurled outward at 50 MPH impaling themselves in buildings up to 500 feet away, and all the windows are broken within a 400 foot radius of the building. This is an incredibly explosive, energetic event, the ends of these beams are dripping with molten metal as seen by the iron workers.

He has made claims before that windows were blown out, but this is the first time he has claimed that all the windows were blown out. Oddly enough, they usually claim that WTC7, which was only 300 feet away, was virtually undamaged by the collapse. They even claim that the fires were not hot enough to break the windows. Well of course not, they were all blown out first by the explosions in the north tower!

This bizarre claim is clearly not true, just take a look at the World Financial Center, which were even closer to the north tower, being directly across the street, where all the windows at the top (near the alleged explosions) are intact, only the windows at the bottom which were hit by falling debris are damaged. Here is WFC3:

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Quick Hits

Maybe we pay too much attention to the Student Scholars? Check out this article:

Martell is quick to stress that the student organization, with 80 members from schools in Canada to Japan, is more focused on the investigation into 9/11 than the possibility of controlled demolition.

Eighty members worldwide? My god there are more professors (admittedly emeritus) than there are students in the college of 9-11 knowledge.

But just so Justin doesn't get the impression we're picking on him check out this astonishing ad for Mike Gravel:

Now that might just be the greatest political ad ever. I think the rock symbolizes 9-11 Truthers everywhere, causing little ripples that fade away quickly, while they sink rapidly to the bottom. Something like that, anyway.

Meanwhile, the other favored candidate of the Truthling Cult, Ron Paul, has started to accept reality:

With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining, and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get. But with so many primaries and caucuses now over, we do not now need so big a national campaign staff, and so I am making it leaner and tighter.

Hat Tip on Gravel Ad: Lisa Simpson at the JREF Forums.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

9/11 Trial Upcoming

Prepare for the truthers to completely ignore this.

Military prosecutors are in the final phases of preparing the first sweeping case against suspected conspirators in the plot that led to the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001, and drew the United States into war, people who have been briefed on the case said.

The charges, to be filed in the military commission system at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, would involve as many as six detainees held at the detention camp, including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the former senior aide to Osama bin Laden, who has said he was the principal planner of the plot.

The case could begin to fulfill a longtime goal of the Bush administration: establishing culpability for the terrorist attacks of 2001. It could also help the administration make its case that some detainees at Guantánamo, where 275 men remain, would pose a threat if they are not held at Guantánamo or elsewhere. Officials have long said that a half-dozen men held at Guantánamo played essential roles in the plot directed by Mr. Mohammed, from would-be hijackers to financiers.

The Shell Game on Best Seller List?

Steve Alten is claiming that his truther novel, The Shell Game, is on the New York Times best seller list:

Congratulations! Your efforts have caused The SHELL GAME to hit the NY Times best seller list, debuting at # 31 in only its second week! Here's what is really exciting: Barnes & Noble and Borders front table space only began Feb. 1. If we can continue to push it up the list into the top 10, the following dominoes will fall:

He must have access to a different list though, because it does not show up on their website.

30 THE CHASE, by Clive Cussler (Putnam)
31 CAPITOL CONSPIRACY, by William Bernhardt (Ballantine)
32 BLEEDING KANSAS, by Sara Paretsky (Putnam)

USA Today lists the top 150 books, and it doesn't show up there either. It does currently have a respectable 33 spot on Amazon in the non-fiction and literature in the US spot, currently right behind All the Pretty Horses, and novel published in 1993, so maybe there is something to be said about marketing to the stupid and gullible. As for the rest though, well, we will see.

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Bubba Redux

We've posted on this confrontation before, but this one at least gives us an idea what the We Are Changing Diapers guy was yelling. Note the hostility of the crowd to the "Inside Job" idiot.

Hat Tip: Longtime friend of the blog Michael P.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Is There Anybody Dumber Than Spooked 9-11?

Sheesh, we've talked a lot about this kook before, but this is amazing:

Also, why didn't firemen try to catch any of the jumpers in nets or air bags?

Did the wonderful NYFD do anything for these people?

Who would have given an order to not try to catch the jumpers?

And when somebody tries to explain the folly of this, he actually gets huffy:

I mean really-- what kind of sadistic freak are you?

You don't even want to TRY to save someone's life?

Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.

Hat Tip: Longtime blog-buddy Sword of Truth at JREF.

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Interview With Philip Zelikow

Amy Goodman had him on to talk about the accusations in Philip Shelton's new book. There's not much in here to support the fruitcakes, but they're agog about anything that undermines the credibility of the 9-11 Commission.

JUAN GONZALEZ: There appears to be, at least according to Shenon, one commissioner, Mr. Zelikow, Max Cleland, who did raise questions about what was happening on the Commission, and he was removed, according to Shenon, because of his—or shortly after raising his criticisms of what he thought were cover-ups occurring in the Commission. He was removed. Is there any accuracy to that Shenon claim?

PHILIP ZELIKOW: He was not removed. Max resigned from the Commission. There are commissioners who know very well the circumstances of Max’s resignation. And if anyone wants to know more about this, he should talk to either Max or Tom Daschle or the commissioners involved, because Max resigned on his own and quite voluntarily for very personal reasons that commissioners know about, but which I was not a part of at all.

One of the denser Truthers suggests a boycott of Amy Goodman's sponsors because she's never interviewed David Ray Griffin about his books. Jon Gold correctly replies that she has. Nobody else seems to realize that Goodman's show does not have sponsors. DOH! One of the commenters over there refers to her show as "mainstream". LOL!


AE911 Truth Watch

Number of days that have gone by since Richard Gage admitted that his squib claim was false, without removing it from his website.


I guess they need more donations first.

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The World's Dumbest Ivy Leaguer

This just goes to show that you don't need to be smart to get into a good school (hey, Bush went to Yale!).

I know that many of the neocons on campus will compare me to a holocaust denier for admitting the obvious - that 9/11 was an inside job carried out by Mossad and the CIA as per Francesco Cossiga. Well I will make your life a whole lot easier this instant! If any student, professor, dean, terrorism expert or alumni can answer the following 11 questions I will drop out of Yale and issue a public apology to George Bush and the Yale administration.

Actually some of the questions are kind of hard to answer, because they are simply based on false premises. My favorite example.

Why did the 9/11 commission report not mention the 'put options' which the Japanese government has stated is extremely unlikely to be anything else but insider trading?

Of course the 9/11 Commission did mention them:

Highly publicized allegations of insider trading in advance of 9/11 generally rest on reports of unusual pre-9/11 trading activity in companies whose stock plummeted after the attacks. Some unusual trading did in fact occur, but each such trade proved to have an innocuous explanation. For example, the volume of put options—investments that pay off only when a stock drops in price—surged in the parent companies of United Airlines on September 6 and American Airlines on September 10—highly suspicious trading on its face.Yet, further investigation has revealed that the trading had no connection with 9/11.

Now can someone from Yale mention this to him so he can take up his rightful destiny working alongside Dylan Avery at Pizza Hut?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Go Check Out Mikey Metz!

He's recently graduated from college and has more time to blog. Read the post that got him banned at the Looser Forums. Learn of Ron Paul's lunatic wrestler supporter, and of Mikey's realization that the center is where it's at. He's right (I'm a moderate myself), but one lesson I've learned is that when you're in the center, you'll frequently find yourself getting shot at from both sides of the street.

Mikey's a terrific writer, and a much better thinker than I was at his age.

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The New Ron Paul Sign

Don't know who created it, but that's terrific! Found here.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On the Road Again...

The paranoid nutjobs over at Prison Planet must read this blog in between repeated postings on how Ron Paul is on the verge of being elected president, because they had this to say about the reaction to Willie Nelson:

Establishment bloggers are in a bind today - attempting to ridicule American icon Willie Nelson for his comments about the WTC twin towers being imploded on 9/11, with the best rebuttal they can muster being the fact that Willie smokes pot.

When Charlie Sheen publicly questioned the official 9/11 story in March 2006, debunkers didn't tackle him on the facts, they tried to discredit him with lurid hit pieces about his behavior as a 20-something millionaire living in Las Vegas in the 1980's.

We fully expected the same tactics to be employed against Willie, but the fact that Nelson is a definitive icon of authentic Americana and is loved by both young and old with his music discarding the boundaries of political left and right, means the attacks will be like water off a duck's back.

Uhh, what facts were there to discuss? Willie Nelson did not present any new arguments or evidence. He certainly has no expertise regarding building demolitions or collapses. I really didn't feel like point out for the hundredth time that all of the evidence, forensics, and scientific studies point against their controlled demolition claims, and even if I did, they would not pay attention anyway.

So, sorry, Willie Nelson smokes the weed. Studies have shown that this can make you paranoid. I hypothesize that this is correlated with believing in conspiracy theories. Other than that, he adds nothing to the discussion. End of story.


Typical Troofers

Kevin Barrett put up a post at 9-11 Flogger about how he, Carol Brouillet, and Richard Gage were going to be discussing the Super Tuesday election results on Pacifica Radio. Now I thought, what the heck, see what these fruitcakes are talking about, so I clicked on the link. And no kidding, the first thing I hear is Carol:

"and the young man said to the vice president, 'Sir the plane is 50 miles out, sir the plane is 30 miles out, and when it got to be 10 miles out..."

How Morons Work

I pointed last year to the idiotic website, How Stuff Works, which included a section on "How Conspiracy Theories Work" which didn't just stay agnostic on the 9-11 crackpots, but claimed they had a lot of solid information. The owner of that site, the misnamed Marshall Brain decided to dip his toes back into the swamp with a look at the No-Planers:

I have a friend who sent me links to a series of 9/11 conspiracy theory videos called “September Clues”. The gist of September Clues seems to be, “we can find evidence that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ by looking at the news coverage of events on that day.” If you enjoy conspiracy theories, it’s an interesting angle.

What's next? "How Creationism Works"? If there are any teachers out there, you might want to talk to your school administrator and get this disinformation site blocked.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Potheads for 9/11 Truth

Earlier we had a discussion as to whether the consumption of marijuana was positively correlated with the propensity to believe in conspiracy theories.

The prosecution rests, your honor.

Straight talking American icon Willie Nelson today told a national radio show that he thought the twin towers were imploded like condemned Las Vegas casino buildings, as the country music superstar forcefully voiced his doubts about the official 9/11 story.

Agreeing with host Alex Jones that he questioned the official story, Nelson elaborated, "I saw those towers fall and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas - there's too much similarities between the two, and I saw a building fall that didn't get hit by nothing," added Nelson, referring to WTC Building 7 which collapsed in the late afternoon of September 11.

"How naive are we - what do they think we'll go for?," asked Nelson, pointing out that his doubts began on the very day of 9/11.

"I saw one fall and it was just so symmetrical, I said wait a minute I just saw that last week at the casino in Las Vegas and you see these implosions all the time and the next one fell and I said hell there's another one - and they're trying to tell me that an airplane did it and I can't go along with that," said Nelson.


Moron "Truther" Racism

Good post here:

And this is something many of them have told me as I traveled. They had heard of the conspiracy theories and, to them, it was all so typical. Americans have been destroying their culture and f*cking with their political systems for decades… and now, when the Muslims fight back, they assume that they are so incompetent and facile that it was the Americans who had to do it for them. when I first heard someone say that to me, I was so struck by the ethnocentrism of the conspiracy theory. Again, not saying that it can’t be true, but just how it must look from their POV. We’re so self-centered. it’s always about us!

Super Bowl Attack Imminent

Crazy Jim Fetzer writes another one of those press releases about himself. This one is beyond bizarre:

An analysis now making its way across the internet is being attributed to Sio Bibble, who concludes, “A communications disruption can mean only one thing—invasion.” On his scenario, American military radio chatter during the game could provide cover for other communications taking place. “03:00 and the troops are up, file into the mess to get a cup of coffee, sandwich and watch the game,” Bibble writes. “Meanwhile, an Israeli sub in the Gulf goes to Battle Station alert. The game starts, the troops go wild, they get pumped with adrenalin and into combative psychic. 10 minutes into the game, a micro-nuke goes off in the stadium. The aforementioned sub commander gets the signal and launches his surface to surface missiles at various Iranian sites and several American ships.”

“The sailors on the ships are stunned by what they see on the TV screen,” he continues, “then the Claxton horn goes off as American ships start taking hits. The ships go live, the Iranians go live. American sources declare a surprise Iranian attack as three American ships sink in the Gulf. The smoldering Super Bowl is blamed on Iran, Mom and Apple Pie need to be defended.” According to Fetzer, no matter how fantastic this might sound to those who have never studied 9/11, it is an appealing alternative for an administration that has run out of options and whose leader is widely regarded by the American public as the worst president in history. It could reverse his standing at a single masterstroke.

Hey, how can you not trust someone named Sio Bibble? And what is with their fascination with micro-nukes? Can't anyone just use a plain old nuke anymore?

Barrett and Fetzer even have some rather kind words for Eric May, a new development in the troofer alliances.

Fetzer has featured Captain May as his guest on “The Dynamic Duo” several times and takes his analyses seriously. “I wish I could tell you that he’s wrong, but the evidence we have discovered about 9/11 suggests that this administration has no scruples when it comes to sacrificing innocent lives to advance its political agenda.” This is not the first time that students of 9/11 have suspected a reprise might be in the works, probably one involving the use of nuclear weapons. On August 26, 2007, Webster Griffin Tarpley issued ‘The Kennebunkport Warning’ that there were signs the administration planned to conduct another ‘false flag’ operation and suspend the Constitution. Captain May has previously sounded alarms about a possible attack near Portland, Oregon, late last year. An attack on the Super Bowl and retaliation against Iran would dwarf these attempts.

Barrett, who has closely followed May’s research, also believes that these signs have to be taken seriously. “In the Texas City, Texas, case, even the mainstream media reported indications that strange events were in the works, including unmarked black trucks and sport utility vehicles bearing government license plates near crews setting up what appeared to be satellite or radar gear on the beach, and the crews were wearing shirts that said, ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team.’ We may have been very lucky that Captain May sounded the alarm,” Barrett said. “My impression is that Eric May is one of the bravest and most eloquent intelligence analysts in the United States today. It is regrettable his state of health has deteriorated to the point that we are not going to be able to count on his research much longer.” Barrett, like Fetzer, takes the extreme improbability of multiple cable cuts as a sign that something serious is afoot.

H/T to Welshman in the comments.

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Oh, It Must Be True

(Profanity, NSFW) He points out (well) that people tend to believe what they see on the TV. Which is why the kooks always want you to watch this video. But he goes off the rails by saying that the internet is more trustworthy than the "tel-i-vision". And what is YouTube, anyway? Tel-i-vision on the internet.

About the only thing he says about 9-11 is that just because you saw the planes go into the towers doesn't mean that actually happened. So he's a no-planer?

Cute girlfriend though.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Chic Burlingame Mystery

Just how offensive and idiotic are these lunatic "Truthers" going to get? "Shoestring" comments on what a tough guy Captain Burlingame was, and what wimps the hijackers were, of course concluding that there was no way they could have overpowered him.

Surely it would take a particularly formidable team of terrorists to wrestle control of a plane from a man like this? Yet here is where the official story falls apart at the first hurdle. The supposed hijackers in fact appear to have been a group of weaklings.

Let's see, is there something that might give the weaklings an advantage over Captain Burlingame? Like maybe if he was buckled into a seat, and they were behind him with knives and box-cutters?

Oh, but it gets much worse. The poster actually digs up quotes from the families of the hijackers, talking about what sweet little princes they had been. On Hani Hanjour:

He also liked children. Susan Khalil recalled, "He was very kind and gentle to my son, who was 3 years old."

Yes, and Hitler was apparently very kind and gentle to dogs.

"Truthers" are sick, sad, disturbing people.

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A Carnival of Woo

It doesn't get any wooier, than this. Former Larouche cultist Webster Tarpley was on Kevin "Hang 'em High" Barrett's Internet radio show last night. Among other things we learned that Barack Obama is the appointed candidate of the media, Wall Street, and the powers that be, and his foreign policy advisor, Zbigniew Brzenzinski, is manipulating him in order to achieve his long desired plans for a throw down with Russian. As a result, Obama is ever more dangerous than the neo-cons who are in power now! Ron Paul even comes in for a bashing becaust Tarpley believes that a strong state must exist to crush the evil corporations.

This interview is definitely two Paxil pills up.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

What Exactly Do They Think We Do On Drill Weekend?

One of the regulars on 911 Blogger posts regarding a hearing aired on CSPAN regarding the readiness of the military to respond to WMD attack:

Arnold Punaro, Commission on the National Guard & Reserves, Chairman, discusses the Commission's final report, which expresses concerns over the ability of the National Guard and Reserves to handle a catastrophic attack (Domestic WMD).

A legitimate question, which deserves asking. Yet somehow the post concludes:

Are they getting us ready for the next false flag attack?

I never have understood this logic. The fire department practices fighting fires, doctors train to operate on patients, does this somehow imply a malicious motive behind their expertise?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Could they be More Egocentric?

Another troofer, Shell Game shiller Bill Douglas, puts forth the "we defeated Rudy" theory.

Peggy Noonan, a Republican speechwriter (Reagan’s among others), was perplexed last night on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as to “why Rudy fell.” It was a mystery to her. Probably because she gets all her information from FOX News and the other corporate media.

Of course those who’s heads aren’t buried in the corporate idiot box, know that 9/11 truth was Rudy’s demise.

Uhh, yeah. These guys have such a small base of support that they get booed down at bookstore meetings in liberal west coast towns, yet they have somehow taken over the base of the Republican Party. They are apparently also forgetting that the current leader is John McCain, the very guy who wrote a foreward to the Popular Mechanics book, denouncing them. They don't appear to be doing too good of a job ending his campaign.


David Frum Lays the Smackdown on We Are Idiots

A quite simple response, "I would say take stronger medication." Simple, straight to the point, accurate.

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